Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I sold my longs

Here is a five minute bar chart of today's e- mini session. I was long two units but sold them both at the green arrow. Why? The red arrows point to a 5 minute bar that I thought was either a breakout bar or a buying climax at the time, but I didn't know which. If it was a breakout bar the market would have continued up right away or after at most hesitating for 10-15 minutes. Instead we saw a steady decline of more than 25 minutes which broke below today's open (purple dotted line) and retraced more than half of that wide range bar. I concluded that it was probably a buying climax bar and so I got out.

I am still looking for a chance to get long again. I would only consider getting short near the top end of my range estimate for today (blue rectangle).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carl and Friends,

carl, I fully agree with ur saying. Few days back, on ur Blog, I predicted a return of 40 percent from the recent low. So, I strongly believe that Happy Days R Here Again and Investing / Trading Community will enjoy this period being on Long Side.