Monday, February 22, 2010

Long one unit at 1104.50


Kishore said...

On 30 Minute chart for ES, the up trend line from 1041 has been breached this morning. We should see lower prices, at least this week.

Redwinger said...

Yeah, I sold this morning, just for a slightly better entry.

boris said...

I have agreed with Carl's outlook that Market would go higher from around early February and I sat the test(condition) it had to follow uplift fast. The real reason I did that was that MY YBR-Yellow Brick Predictor was setting that condition to me. Can be seen at my site.
Now, what? at least for next few days chart will show what to expect.

So far, though Carl's outlooks corresponds to my outlook and it is also timed to my outlook. I am not sure carl was that specific about the 1200 timing. Now, I do not predict 1200, I need market to move nicely across the path of WBR to believe in that.

Thanks For Opportnity and ENJOY
Good Trading

andi said...

bad idea..daily stochs say way way overbought..i am bullish..but short here could drop to ~1090

AdrianD said...

since friday was a kind of trend day, today oscillation is in the cards.

buying after sell-offs and selling after rallies might be the winning strategy.

we had the part of selling after rallies after the open.

jeff said...

somebody wake me up whenever go above the 1115-1120 or fall below 1085. until then, i think the best bet is no bet.

with full daily STO tipping over, the 50 DMA around these levels, and we've retraced 61.8% of the January decline, i think the risk is clearly staying long. but if you're long, i think the stop goes below Friday's intraday low.

good luck, but please wake me up when stop flatlining.

jeff said...

for a short-term trade, there is a forming triangle that started this morning and looks close to completion. i suspect we'll see a mini break-out or break-down within the next hour or so.

Kishore said...

It is probably, once again, hibernation time for bears until, at least, the market, the government and the media, are no longer targeting them for extinction.

No sleeping bear should be woken up because their continued sleeping is better than their losing money.

ga said...

Jeff ...when the market gets to "1115-1120 or fall below 1085" will you be sending out more books? I mean should we really bother to wake you?

Still waiting for an answer as to whether you will man up and send out the five you bet and lost.

The markets wants to fill the small gap over 1116 SPX and then it can turn down, imo.