Monday, February 22, 2010

sold long unit at 1108.50


BullandBearWise said...

Nice trade for this snoozy market. Wake me up when something happens...

jeff said...


this looks like a Wave IV pattern and need another new high.

though i continue to have a very small short, i suspect the S&P will go below today's intraday low, but not Friday's intraday low before making it's final climb into the 1115 range(there is an unfilled gap around 1116).

any break above 1120 and will need to reconsider my 'short' outlook.

i still think we've peaked and it's only a matter of time before 1000 will be here. For now, I'll take a break below 1080 (and maybe Carl's 1093) to serve as confirmation that the 'dark side' is upon us.

for inquiring minds, today's volume will prove the lowest of the year.

P said...

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Thank you.