Thursday, October 22, 2009

covered second unit at 1080.00


andi said...

i know carl triggers his trade often at the day's high/low..but MMs often attempt failed breakout to trap happens in indiv stocks lots more.. & darkpool/HFT prowl market to swoop on the unsuspecting trader..

jeff said...

back to the drawing board for Carl and the readers...S&P has definitely broke above Carl's upside cap.

following the wave theory, i think that wave two down is complete. That is, wave 1 up was from 1020 to 1101 or 81 points, wave two down using a 38.2% point retracement would be 31 points or a fall to ~1070(i think overnight, the futures hit this point), and now wave 3 is up.

i'm looking for a break above 1085 to help confirm this.