Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sold all longs at 1083.25


extrader said...


Great trade!

Was curious to know why did you sell at 83.25 and not wait for a retest of the highs?

Just curious to know what/why was 83.25 ur exit?


Narayana said...

Nice Job! How come you didn't close out around 1089?

Kishore said...

Naranyana, did you buy at 666?

extrader said...

How do u know that i didnt?

Not like I waited to ask him an hr later when it hit 89, but would have waited for a retest

Win said...

Carl closed around 1083.25 because he is a profitable trader and not a "perfect trader" and he posted this and other "imperfect" trades to show us 1) the way he trades, so we can learn and 2) his confidence in and happiness with his method, so we can learn. I am most profitable (in the long run) when I am in a space where I take profits and am happy with my profits.