Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here is an hourly chart of day session e-mini trading. This morning I thought that the market would hold support at 1087 and rally into the 1100-05 range. Instead it has dropped to within few points of the low of the trading range of the past 5 days.

The September top at 1076 (horizontal dash green line) should prove to be strong support. It coincides with the low of the recent trading range. So far the e-minis have dropped from yesterday's day session high by an amount just about equal to the size of the last reaction on the way up from the October 2 low (purple rectangles). I expect to see a reaction low in the 1075-80 range (green oval) which should be followed by a rally to roughly the 1110 level.

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Teich said...

Hi Carl.

Do you think we will still see ES 1075 first before 1100?