Monday, October 19, 2009

Reporting your own trades

Some of my loyal readers want to report their trades in the comments section of this blog.

I have decided to adopt a policy of not publishing such trade reports. My main reason is that such trade reporting just obscures my own message about market direction as it appears in my real time trade posts and analyses on this blog.

I still want to encourage you to tell us of your market views in the comments section. Just not your trades.


Tim- said...

tell them to leave their twitter handle so that if anyone wants to follow them they can do so via twitter.

Kishore said...

Carl, good idea!

In fact, if I may suggest, "predictions" by readers should also not be published, unless backed by solid logic and reasoning based on technicals and not "fundamentals". Your messages is too important to be obscured!

But you should still continue to publish views of the traders based on their own experiences and their views on trading techniques in general.

Teich said...

The long /ES trade is looking good. The # of NYSE adv-dec issues has improved a lot; now at 1400+.

Kishore said...

UUP is breaking down below 22.37. Therefore, the market should continue heading up.

jeff said...

a couple observations:

1. there is an unfilled gap around 1099 from 10/3/09.
2. long-term resistance is 1120 or so(50% retracement from the 2007 highs and 2009 lows).

Carl, I agree that we should see a 100 point pullback(from 1120), but given the bear market wedge on the S&P and numerous other indicators, I don't subscribe to your market thoughts that we are in the process of a much bigger bull market here. Quite the contrary.

jeff said...

sorry, i meant unfilled gap from 10/3/08.

Urban said...

I think its interesting that Carl gets a lot of comments doubting that the market can go much higher in the next year. Of course, this bolsters his argument that the market has more upside than downside.

mfm9800 said...

I agree Carl. Your trades are the only ones I look for here. I don't mind opposing views, but I don't want to see other's trades.

PM said...

Hi Carl,

Clearly, it appears the two year downtrend line has no effect on the strength of this rally. It looks like all corrections have been cancelled until further notice and this market is on its way to around 1250ish before we know it. It's time to hold longs and buy any one tick pull back.


Kindest regards,


tapped out said...

Carl, your estimate back in July about the mkt looking like a 3rd wave up count has panned out well! With $INX confirming the 4th wave dwn complete on 10/02 @ 1019.95 and a break above the old high set on 09/23 @ 1080.15 on 10/14. This primary wave up is now in the completion 5th wave. I hope it's a long one!
Thanks for all you freely give!

g said...

I spend some time at the other trading blogs but find the chatter to be a distraction (though some contributors add value but it takes time to learn who they are). I think it is wise to take the approach you are taking. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.