Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long second unit at 1094.00


John said...

GS down on the day...never a good indicator...also transports are weak.

Teich said...

Hi Carl.

Nice entry. Would /ES reach 1102 today?


pej said...

why do you go long at above the the top of your today's range expectations?


tapped out said...

Carl, May I answer that?
Cause you don't want to be LEFT BEHIND!!!

pej said...

Well, no offense, but when it is followed by:
"Wednesday, October 21, 2009
sold one unit at 1092.00"
I don't think it's great.
I've been following Carl for quite some time, and he's EXTREMELY good at seeing where the market is going, but it seems like it's not as good when it comes to actually trading it.
Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...


Yes, you are missing something. Just look at his return for 08 and 09.

tapped out said...

None taken! Let's try again, ok?
You know you can board the train for Chicago sometime between 3:00 and 3:30pm because it is scheduled to depart the station at 3:40pm but when you arrive the train has already pulled away from the gate. Do you say whoops and wave good-bye to the passengers aboard or run and jump on before it gets to far away because you need to be in Chicago?

Kishore said...

It appears that because of Carl's solid track record of uncanny accuracy in calling the market, we are expecting all of his trades to be just as perfect.

Trading is a marathon. The important thing is to stay in the race without a blowout. Sprinters get overconfident and pull their hamstrings.

Alex said...

Comment to Pej:

If you have been following Carl for a long time, then you should know of this post.

pej said...

Thanks Alex. One sensible reply among along the barking and biting :-)
I am following Carl and thing he does a great job, dont take me wrong. But I'm not following him since 2005 but rather early 2009