Thursday, October 08, 2009

sold both units at 1062.25

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Adsense said...

Hi Carl
Been awhile since i sommented on here. so far all of the bearish cycles following march 6th 9th
have had there day in the sun and yet the market has only produced lows that were at or very near
previous cycle high's . that said we have the last of the cycle lows due on nov 11 th . internally id say there is several reason to expect higher prices into years end possibly into feb 15th to early march 2010. what im not sure about though is how this market reacts following monday . a swift hard move towards 9000 from 9979-10052 on the dow into nov 12th would clear the picture . bottom line you have been doing very well this year on your short term trading , my bias has been longer swings yet are working yet overall not very good . the reaction from 1092 your looking for might be steeper then your thinking is my point here.
good luck joe