Monday, January 07, 2008

Guesstimates on January 7, 8:45 am ET

Spiders - March S&P E-mini Futures: Friday’s action means that the Spiders and cash S&P will take out their late November lows. I think the Spiders will drop into the 136-139 range before the market can start a rally to new bull market highs. Resistance in the March futures stands near the 1450 level. After the market rallies for a day I shall be looking for a chance to go short.

QQQQ: The Q’s broke their November lows Friday and are headed for the 46.00 level.

TLT - March Bonds: I have changed my mind about the short run direction of this market and am now looking for a move above the 120 level. Support stands at 116-16. TLT is headed for 98.50.

March 10 Year Notes: Headed for 116-16. Support is at 113-20.

Euro-US Dollar: I have changed my mind about the short term direction of the euro and now think that the market is headed for 151 or so.

Dollar-Yen: I now longer think that 108.20 support will hold but I do think the market will stage a very big rally from the 106.00 level.

XLE - OIH - USO – February Crude: Crude closed over the 97.70 level Thursday so it should soon hit 101.50 before an extended drop starts. I think the market will drop to 75 and lower during the coming months. USO should drop to 56, OIH to 140 and XLE to 60.

GLD - February Gold: The futures nearly reached 873 and I think the market will take a peek above that level before starting an extended drop.

SLV - March Silver: I think that the 1644 high in March silver will hold and that an extended decline has begun. The current rally should halt at a lower top near the 1570 level.

Google: GOOG is headed for 630. Once that level is reached a move to new bull market highs should begin.

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Anonymous said...

The August low will be next to fall after we get this short lived rally this week. The abcde triangle that a lot of traders were watching including certain unbiased ellioticians, is broken and especially by Jan.16-23. Lots of Hurst cycle guys and astro practitioners looking rather foolish right now. Sometimes adhering to basic analytical tools can save you from following certain analytical methods blindly with a way to quantify.