Thursday, November 08, 2007

E-mini Afternoon Update

I just go out of my 1474 long at 1473 and canceled my stop order. This trade illustrates why I use wide stops. The market went against me much more than I expected but still my stop was not hit and I had a chance to get out with a small loss on the subsequent rally.

I expect to be a buyer again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap. You missed a huge run. Maybe you should focus more on identifying when the buyers are coming instead of trying to predict or fit the market to your opinion. If for one caught the end of day rally.


Anonymous said...

market may do a dead cat bounce ....but the next good sized move will be a leg down

Anonymous said...

I've been following Carl since his post at the yahoo groups in October 2002 calling the bottom. I was laughing when I read the post. I should have known better.

Carl sticks his neck out calling turns as he sees them. To me that takes guts and it requires respect, especially when someone does it for as long as Carl.

For that, a thank you to Carl, and if anyone does not like what he reads, start your own blog. But I guess if you are still here, you ar e interested to read what Carl has to say.

-Long time reader, first time poster