Tuesday, November 06, 2007

E-mini Update

There is only a little more than an hour to go in regular hours trading and not much has happened yet today. I have just canceled my e-mini orders and will try to be a buyer tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

For many weeks & months you have posited for new highs in the broad mkt indices. Shouldn't at some point soon you switch from looking for a day trade to a position trade ?

I once asked an investment mgr friend who was opening up his own shop if he had ever considered going in the pits. He said that floor traders usually only get a piece of the pie not the whole pie. Since i was a floor trader who scalped against my basic position i understood what he meant.

RR 3:04 EST Nov 6

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carl,


P.S. Nobody gets the "whole pie".

monkeypicks said...

I think you are wrong and the big shakeout will be lower. You usually are wrong.

Anonymous said...

The market is too volatile and dangerous to position trade at this moment.

Current condition is bearish even though I remained bullish side.

Market internal is becoming increasingly bearish as hedge fund activities are overwhelmingly active on individual stocks while a few big caps are going parabolic.