Thursday, November 08, 2007

E-mini Update

The market traded 1472 a minute ago but I didn't get filled so I went long at 1474. I still am using a 1452 stop.


Anonymous said...

What kind of platform are you using for your trading, do you export realtime data to some other program like matlab, R, mathematica for further computation (in realtime).

Unknown said...

Best of luck but I'm waiting for one more leg down before the EOY rally.

Anonymous said...

This months Money Magazine features article "Golden opportunities in Foreclosures"

Doesnt look like a bottom in housing yet, may not be for years or decade if Harry Dent is correct.

Anonymous said...

This round Naz will see 2600. You got in way too early. GL.

Anonymous said...

Out of ESZ7 1467 at 1461.

Will try to go long again at 1447.