Thursday, November 01, 2007

E-mini Update

So far today the e-minis have dropped to 1526, about 9 points below my support level at 1535. For what its worth I have been hearing rumors that Citibank has sustained multibillion dollar losses on its mortgage portfolio.

In any case I am guessing that today's low will develop near 1520 and that the market will close in the 1520-1535 range. If this guess is right I would expect a continuation of the reaction down to 1500-1510 over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl:

Why has your strategy changed? You were expecting a drop to 1521 or so, looks like we will have it. I think 1520 is support, and we will rally from there.

Anonymous said...

When i click on the Sept 18 Domed House link i get the Sept 6 link. What happened to the Sept 18 link ?

Anonymous said...

hey carl
it seems your getting into the swings of the market , have you taken a good hard look at the sox index ???? it will beinteresting to see how well this index holds up from present levels based on the weekly and monthly charts .
is it time to be bullish the semi's ???
something to think of is all

Anonymous said...


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