Wednesday, November 07, 2007

E-mini Update

The last hour of regular hours trading will begin in 10 minutes. My buy order at 1477 still has not been reached, and I wouldn't want to fade late day weakness today. I have canceled all my orders and will try to be a buyer tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

low was 1478.5 today. Almost there!!

Anonymous said...

Don't know about that Carl. The NDX broke it's 20DMA today and that implies a move to the 50DMA which is more than 3% lower. I would not expect the SPX to sit idle while this is happening. Good luck with your trading.

Sam said...

SPY made it down to $146.35 after hours. I guess we're buying the dip tomorrow morning!

Keep up the great work, Carl.



Anonymous said...

Globex low was 1466.75

went long 1468 ESZ7


Anonymous said...

Market is not like the ole market in 2000. It is apparent that markets are operated by hedge fund network by which they are taking individual stocks up or down in high volatility.

In 2000, stocks went up, and now we have markets operated by hedge fund network slaughtering up or down.

Have you noticed this? How can traders/investors play out of the international hedge fund network?