Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sold long unit at 1104.00 - will try again later


waltknockit said...

when you say long one unit ; is this an option contract for 100 shares and what month are you buying (I assume Nov)

extrader said...

I think we are heading higher, market looks like its firming up for an upside move!

Zafiris said...

Hi Carl.
I think later you'll have the chance.

You mean 1105.50 and 1104.00 right?

rob said...

Walt .... Carl is trading emini S&P futures DEZ contracts(ESZ09).

www.cme.com for specs.

extrader said...

I think we have seen the top for today of 1108-1109... next stop will be 1101!

Selloff is coming in the final hrs

P said...

Your views oscillate more than the oscillator that you presumably refer to.


Was hoping Carl might provide an update on today's action -- just consolidation?