Monday, November 30, 2009

Sold one unit at 1089.00


marketinsight said...

All my indicators are pointing to a big day down tomorrow...or a set up tomorrow for a big down move on Wednesday.

Kishore said...

marketinsight, in a trending market the indicators get saturated. They quit working. We have been having a strong up trend. Progression of trading ranges, that Carl uses, are a better guide, if you are sure of the market direction.

But, unfortunately, the market is in a trading range right now, in a decelerated up trend. And that could be consolidation for trend continuation or topping action for reversal. The trenline on daily charts has broken for some ETFs and that could be a prelude for a trend change on S&P.

If you could share the "market insight", through some explanation of the indicators you use and your interpretations, there may be a case for your "predication". Otherwise, baseless predictions, whether they turn out to be right or wrong, are dime a dozen, i.e. worthless as they don't even provide any framework for analysis.